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How to get anything you want in life pretty bold statement in that headline right well i think i can back it up yesterday i turned 31 i look at that number and while its a little bit scary i cant help feel good about everything ive accomplished over the last seven years since leaving my job and setting out on my ownive been very fortunate both professionally and personally and along the way learned seven key ways to help make it happen in essence i work to put others first and to be more likeable to focus on what is most important and attainable lets be real you probably cannot achieve everything that you want in life cars clothes fabulous riches luxuries it would simply take too much effort and divide your energieshow to get everything you want faster than you ever thought possible you find yourself unable to reach your goals that can only mean one thing you read but did not understand mr tracys book read more 36 people found this helpful helpful comment report abuse joel m ungarif you are wondering how to get everything you want my first question is this can you actually get everything you want in life so what do you want a better job a bigger house a new car you could work your butt off at your job work your way up the ladder and get all of that stuff it would be a lot of work and take several years but you

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